Nestlé Red Box and some chocolates running away.


How to convert a box of chocolates into a box of chocolates with social impact.


When Christmas comes, everyone’s nose gets cold, Spotify’s playlists fill with Christmas carols while Nestlé reminds us it’s that time of year with their delicious Red Christmas Boxes. Nestlé’s boxes are lovingly adorned and decorated by celebrated artists and filled with an exquisite selection of the finest chocolates.

It’s also an opportunity for Nestlé to remind us of their commitment to supporting society.

Transformative solution:

Since 2014, Nestlé has partnered with our unique design team to revolutionize how the Red Christmas Boxes are designed each year. It was a risky proposition but one that proves how a brand can show their commitment to society.

Nestlé Red Box Design 2014
Nestlé Red Box Design 2015
Nestlé Red Box Design 2016
Nestlé Red Box Design 2018

The Nestlé Red Box has received numerous design awards around the globe, has been celebrated by consumers and Nestlé employees alike, becoming a sort of manifesto for a more humane, inclusive and responsible world.

Designer with autism presents a video of how the design of the Nestlé Red Box was made.
Close-up of the text of the Red Box Christmas 2018


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