A young soccer player with Down syndrome talks with the referee.


How sport shape lives and transform a brand’s reputation.


LaLiga is the top professional football division of the Spanish football league. It’s a league led by young, wealthy players with more followers and influence than any other group in Spain. From the start, The LaLiga Foundation was looking to harness their brand’s equity to make a greater impact on society.

They needed a strategy, a transformative and transcendent solution. An idea capable of reclaiming the essential values of sport and, at the same time, generate true social impact.

Transformative solution:

We created the first professional football league for people with learning disabilities. The league was born from an initiative that started with the Nàstic de Tarragona team, then went nationwide. It’s a league that values sportsmanship, excitement, and companionship and fun over winning or losing.

LaLiga Genuine is changing the lives of many athletes and families while transforming LaLiga’s reputation.

LaLiga Genuine logo in positive and negative.
Pages of the Image Manual with typography and logo applications.
Examples of application of corporate image to stationery, envelopes and cards.
Photo of the two trophies. The Champion by points and the champion of the fair play classification.
Two identification cards with the corporate image of LaLiga Genuine.
Lona with the application of the Genuine logo to the name of each specific team.
Computer with the LaLiga Genuine website.
Mobile phone with the Genuine Instagram page, next to a laptop with web details.


30 teams across 2 divisions.
796 players.
€2,776,634 economic value in advertising investment.
7,065 news articles published.

And the greatest achievement of all, which is impossible to quantify, is how the lives of those 796 players, their families and their environment changed. And, of course, our society.

A happy Nàstic Genuine player with Down syndrome celebrates a goal with open arms and a huge smile.
All the staff, players and technicians of Espanyol Genuine posing with the Champions League of the First Genuine League.
Fans cheer on their team from the stands.
Javier Tebas, president of LaLiga and Josep María Andreu, president of Nàstic de Tarragona, pose next to a La Liga Genuine player and a shirt with a text that says: La Liga Genuine, sum of values.


  • Idea
  • Strategy
  • Logo
  • Photography
  • Digital and Print Campaign
  • Ad Placement
  • Social Media Assets
  • Team Chants
  • Trophy Design
  • Mascot Design

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