A woman looks at the catalog of the exhibition "Have an art connection".

BOAL (Barcelona Outsider Art Lab)

How art can change people’s lives.


What can a museum and a design studio contribute to society and people, beyond contributing to the culture of humanity?

Can there be a more humane, social and, above all, transformative common purpose?

Transformative solution:

In 2018, a project was born in Barcelona based on the collaboration of La Casa de Carlota & Friends and the Carmen Thyssen Museum in Andorra with the aim of creating projects and artistic experiences that has a significant social and cultural impact. We wanted to demonstrate the transformative power of art, culture and technology as a tool for improving the living conditions of people, especially those within groups which are unfairly marginalized.

There were many people who participated: people with Down Syndrome, autism, mental disorders, also art students, and professionals from the world of art, scientific research and technology.

Each of the pieces generated in BOAL facilitates the exchange and dialogue around using different ways of thinking and creating.

The main objective of BOAL is not only to discover and promote artistic ideas, but also integrate and enhance talent with people with disabilities and outsiders in the world of creation and art.

Showroom. White wall and four works on the floor waiting to be hung.
Showroom. An artist writes a text on the wall with a brush and black paint, between three hanging pictures.

Have an art conection

An unusual exhibition and one of the first projects we did together sought out to uncover the similarities in the creative process between BOAL artists and historically famed contemporary artists.

Together, we looked at contemporary works from different eras, works that were born within different social, economic and cultural contexts and found so many similarities that it forced us to reflect more deeply.

Most BOAL artists did not know which movement their work would fit into, nor that they really making art, but their intuition guided them to represent their current reality and authentic selves in an incredibly similar way to known and valued artists worldwide.

Curator: Guillermo Cervera
(Carmen Thyssen Museum, Andorra)

Creative with autism experimenting with virtual reality applied to design, watched by the creative team.


  • Art
  • Art outsider
  • Art Brut
  • Integration
  • Diversity
  • Creativity
  • Research
  • Technology
  • Virtual museum

La Casa de Carlota & Friends is the first communication company in Spain to be recognized for its commitment to people and the planet.

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